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From: Jason M. HendersonSubject: How To Make Money in the Food Truck Business in the Quickest Time Possible and Also Create a Profitable, Valuable Business Asset

I’m not going to waste a second of your time here…

I won’t insult your intelligence with a slick sales pitch that’s supposed to convince you that you need what I’ve got….

Simple fact is this…

If you want to know the true story behind running a successful food truck, like attracting more customers, blitzing your competition, growing your reputation and growing your business…

… and if you’re REALLY committed and not just poking your toe in the water… then you’re on the right page.

Okay, I’m going to be honest here (and tell me if this sounds familiar to you…)

Working a regular 9-5 job is not for me.

It never really was.

You know the story people tell you when you’re young?

“You have to study hard, then get a good, steady job. Work hard; don’t complain. And at the end you can retire and enjoy the good life.”

It might have been great advice in the ‘old days’, but these days you need to be ahead of the pack… or you’ll get left behind!

Imagine having to spend your life working and then get 10, maybe 15 years to enjoy retirement at the end? Provided you’re still physically able? (Not to mention financially able).

No way….The game has changed.

There are NO guarantees in retirement any more. Sorry.

We’ve all seen people living by those rules… and how’s it working out for them?

Not good. That’s how.

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to sit by and work hard in a job for someone else who probably doesn’t value me, and would let me go in a second – after my hard work has made THEM rich. I really struggle and feel frustrated about…

  • Watching others succeed on their own while I’m working for a boss
  • Working hard for money with little else to show for my efforts
  • Having limited choices – just go to the same job every day
  • Being left behind, while everyone else seems to get ahead
  • Feeling hopeless, like being the lowest in the pecking order

That’s not the life for me and because you’re here, I know that’s not the life for you either.

But it’s okay. I’m here to show you how to start running a successful food truck, like attracting more customers, blitzing your competition, growing your reputation and growing your business as well as a valuable asset!

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and find out?


Here we go.

Your days of feeling confused and frustrated about how to get started in your food truck business are about to be replaced with feeling confident and excited about the success you will know you can achieve with this knowledge.

Here’s the good news…

We’ve compiled heaps of information and compared it to what ACTUALLY works RIGHT NOW.

So instead of wasting hours and hours, days and even weeks, scrolling the Internet and filtering the cream from the, er, rest… there is an easier way…


Food Trucks for Fun and Profit




Here’s just a sneak preview of what you’ll discover

  • This solid & straightforward solution to Make Good Money and a Profitable, Valuable Business in the Quickest Time Possible
  • Myth-Buster! So finding keen and hungry customers and blitzing your competition takes hard work and focus, right? WRONG – Follow our insider secrets for the smarter solution
  • Insider Secrets to FINALLY put an end to Watching Others Succeed, Working Hard for Money or even having Limited Choices
  • Clever tricks to start and grow your business (into an asset to benefit future generations of your family, if that’s what you want) and, importantly, follow your passion
  • The Best Way to Make Excellent Money on a tight-fisted budget
  • Warning: If you’re feeling Frustrated and Annoyed about being left behind while those you watch are getting ahead, then you can’t afford to waste another day. All the answers you’re looking are just moments away…
  • What NEVER to tell yourself if you want to start following your passion
  • And Truck Loads more targeted info to help you Make Money in your Food Truck Business, all at Your Finger Tips

Now For The Proof …

“Helpful, Detailed Information!

This ebook is packed with a variety of helpful information, a lot of which I hadn’t known previously. It teaches the basics of the business along with tips for marketing and creating your own menu. There’s a lot to consider when getting into the Food Trucks business, and this book will definitely help you get on your way to a successful business. Overall, a necessary book that will pay off in the long run!

Steve Tanner Colorado, United States

Fast Action Bonuses


Bonus #1“Food Trucks for Fun and Profit” AUDIO BOOK

You can’t read while you’re driving so here’s an audio file (in .mp3 format) of the “Food Trucks for Fun & Profit” ebook for those times you need your eyes for something else, but you are all ears!


Bonus #2“From Concept to Launch” GUIDE

This guide is your step-by-step planning tool to help you set up your own food truck business as painlessly as possible. It’s your checklist of ‘what to do’ and ‘when to do it’, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting any little thing.
Bonus #3 – “How To Start a Successful Restaurant Business” EBOOK

If you’re the guy or gal who’s always wanted to open your own eatery, then thisebook is for you! It parallels the “Food Trucks for Fun and Profit” ebook in some ways but if your end goal is to have a larger empire then you need this information as well. Thousands of people are good cooks but cannot be good administrators. Others are good managers, organizers and administrators but can’t boil water! Find out what your goals and strengths are before jumping in with both feet. “How to Start a Successful Restaurant Business” has the answers you need.

Bonus #4“The Popular Cook – a Handbook for Easy Kitchen Management”

We’ll let you in on one of the secrets of successful food trucks…they don’t happen by accident! You might have a great menu, you might be a great cook and you may even have the prime possie for the lunchtime crowd! But if you slip up in certain areas of running your kitchen, your food truck success could be history before it starts. The Popular Cook is a must-have handbook to keep by your side as you launch and run your business. Yours with our compliments!

Bonus #5“My Facebook Formula”

How You Can Build a Profitable and Sustainable Business That Will Change Your Life and That of Future Generations of Your Family Without it Costing You an Arm and a Leg.

The internet – and social media sites especially – have led to the line between our social and professional lives blurring ever more with each passing day. The advantage you have as a small business owner over the big businesses is that you are dealing face to face with your customers every day and you can spend that time building relationships with your customers – and this is a powerful thing. You can let your personality and your passion shine through and not be stuck behind a wall that someone else has built for you. Facebook is easy, costs next to nothing (or nothing, depending upon how you use it) and extremely powerful and it is available for you to use to promote and grow your business. The ‘big boys’ are catching on, but there’s still time to jump on this train of opportunity before it passes you buy. This Bonus gives you a head start and will point your business promotion and marketing in the right direction.

“”So I bet you’re thinking…

“Okay, so how much is this going to cost?

Look, if you total up the hours, days, months and years of research behind “Food Trucks for Fun and Profit”… and try to put a dollar amount next to it…. well, it would be mind-boggling…

Ten’s of thousands of dollars would be a great understatement!

But, our purpose is to make a difference and to help solve your problem the fastest, easiest and most affordable way.

To achieve this, we want to get this information to the hands of as MANY people as possible. So instead of charging hundreds, even thousands, of dollars like most other “so-called” solutions…

We’ve made it fair and affordable for you

Truth is, we could’ve easily charged ten times (or more) for the information you’re about to receive.. and it still would’ve been a bargain in anyone’s language.

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Think about this…

Just ONE of the bonuses by themselves would be worth well over the tiny investment for “Food Trucks for Fun and Profit”. PLUS – You get ALL the extra bonuses included.

Your question should NOT be… “Should I buy this?”… or “Can I afford this?”…

Instead you should be asking…“Am I serious about solving my problems of working hard for money only to make someone else rich, or feeling my life is passing me by without enjoying what I do or even just watching others succeed while I seem to have limited choices for getting ahead”, and so on… You get the idea…

Now think about this… How much time, money and energy have you SPENT ALREADY on trying to solve these problems?

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True or true?

So doesn’t it make logical sense to grab this right now while it’s at this very low price? Yep, of course it does. So here’s what to do…

Okay, the next step is critical. The smartest move you could make right now is to take advantage of this heavily discounted special price and start your journey TODAY!”

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When you get “Food Trucks for Fun and Profit” , you get a 100% money-back guarantee. That means that you can learn how to build a popular food truck business, be both successful and wealthy, PLUS get all your free bonuses worth much more than we’re charging even just for the ebook. But if you are dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever, then simply tell us, and you will be issued a prompt and courteous refund.

So there you have it… easy as pie

You see… People like us, you and I, we are too impatient to wait for long and slow outcomes, right?

So it goes without saying… If there’s a fast and safe way to get to your result – without stress and hassle – then that’s the ONLY logical and obvious choice.

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Here’s why you should take action right now…

It boils down to this… If you leave this page and do nothing… then you’ll be no better off.

Your days of feeling confused and frustrated about how to get started in your food truck business are about to be replaced with feeling confident and excited about the success you will know you can achieve with this knowledge.

You’ll still be confused and frustrated about how to get your food truck business started and disillusioned by working so hard for the money you do make – only to just make others rich… or even just the fact that it seems like you have have very limited choices.

And I’m sure you’d agree… unless you find a solution soon, you’ll still be annoyed about and intimidated by watching others get ahead and succeed when you feel you’re being left behind and feeling hopeless, correct?

That’s not what you want.

You’re better than that.

You don’t want to be complaining about the same problems in 6 months, 2-years, 5-years, 10-years from now, right?

And you wouldn’t want to miss out on feeling the freedom of being your own boss, being successful at running a popular business and blitzing the competition to have a following of happy, loyal, return customers, would you?

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